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Carolina Textile Machinery Inc.
P.O. Box 77996 Charlotte, NC 28271-7022, U.S.A.
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Carolina Textile Machinery, Inc. (CTM) Was Organized To Fill A Void; A Service To The Textile Industry Internationally. CTM ís Prime Objective Is To Bring Together Seller And Potential Buyers Of Pre-Owned Textile Machinery And Plants. Our Staff Is Multilingual With Contacts Throughout The World. The Staff Is Made Up Of People Who Have Years Of Practical Experience In Textile Plant Operation And Are At Your Service To Guide And Make Recommendations, If Needed. If You Have A Specific Need In Textile Machinery And Our Listing Does Not Show Same, Please Contact Us by E-Mail at . Categories of textile manufacturing equipment covered:

Yarn manufacturing
Yarn preparation
 A. Warping
 B. Slashing
 C. Winding
 D. Twisting

 A. Rapier looms
 B. Projectile looms
 C. Air jet looms
 D. Water jet looms
 E. Others

Dyeing, Finishing, Printing
Synthetic fiber production lines/Plants
Complete manufacturing plants
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Our Services include: Consulting , Rigging and Commissioning of individual equipment and or complete plants.


Some of the Brand Names We Normally Offer

Fare, Neumag, Reifenhauser, Barmag, Windmoeller & Holscher, Covema, STP Impianti, Plantex, Egan, Lenzing, Filteco, Mecanica Moderne, Jenkins, Plasticisers, RPR, Rieter-Scragg, ESL, Sahm, Guidici, Vamatex, Tsudakoma, Toyoda, Dornier, Picanol, Saurer Nissan, Somet, Sulzer, Nuovo Pignone, Ruti, Picanol, Staubli, Grosse, Fimtessile, Bonas, Van de Wielle, knotex, Verdol, Vamatex, Gunne, West Point, Benninger, Karl Mayer, Seydel, Trutzschler, Zinser, Schlafhorst, Seydel, Suessen, Fehrer, Roberts, Murata, Ingolstadt, Rieter, Marzoli, Volkmann, Savio, Saco Lowell, Fiber Controls, Whitin, Hollingsworth, Lummus, Hergeth, Uster Polyguard, Saurer Allma, Ratti, Hamel, Scharer, Schweiter, Autefa, DOA, Proctor Swartz, Crosrol.Polyguard, Thibeau, Schlumberger, Befama, Parkinson, Davis & Furber, Asselin, Bywater, Fehrer, Dilo, Hacoba, Benninger, Gaston County, Theis, Hisaka, Kusters, Mahlo, Menzel, Vald Henriksen, Greenville Machinery, Kleinewefers, Davis & Furber, Gessner, Polrotor, Challenge Cook, Ostoff, Erhardt Leimer, Curtis & Marble, Krantz, Artos, Monforts, Kenyon, Marshall & Williams, Morrison, Perkins, Monforts, Franz Muller, Curtin Hebert, Aztec, Kuster, Mascoe, Zimmer, Stork, Buser, Reggiani, Mettler, Alexco, Braun, Schwabe, Parks Craemer, Belloit, Daton, Leesona, Silk City, Chavis, Alfred Suter, Parkinson, Brich Brothers, Cocker, American Tool, Butterworth, Challenge Cook, Scharer, Zell, Hamel, Riggs & Lombard, Sucker Washex, Leno, Tandematic, Crompton & Knowles, Tensitrol, Bahnson, FAK, Mettler, Alfred Suter, Sweep Jet Industrial Air, Platt, Electro Jet, Clark, Scott, Ease, Rando, Verduin, Morton, Rousellete, Van Valanderen, Hoffman, Barber Coleman, Bond, Intra, Measuregraph, James Hunter, Pathe, Gribetz, Merrow, Instron, Taylor Stiles, Titan, Birch Brothers, Steppex, Sphul Anderson, Cherry Hara, Xorella, Superior, Abbington, Lawson Hemphill, Peyer.